Our Commitment

We’re committed to prioritizing environmental, social and governance factors in our investment activities. Acting as a responsible steward of our investments is the responsibility of each and every one of our employees. We actively promote ESG initiatives across our entire portfolio.

Kim Erle

“Recognizing the importance of an inclusive and sustainable future is key to creating long-term value in our investments, for the benefit of all stakeholders and society at large.”

Kim Leinwand Erle, Managing Director & Global Head of ESG, H.I.G. Capital

ESG Integration and Engagement

We recognize that companies with strong ESG practices attract better talent, have fewer business risks, and ultimately deliver better long-term value for all stakeholders. ESG considerations are evaluated, integrated and monitored at all stages of the investment process, from initial due diligence, to post closing engagement.

H.I.G. Capital portfolio companies addressing ESG include:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We seek to create a workplace where all our employees feel valued, included and empowered. Our goal is to foster an environment that is an incubator for great ideas and attracts the best talent. Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that promotes connectivity and a sense of belonging across all of our businesses makes us better investors and a better firm.