• Headquarters:

    Beverly Hills, CA

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  • Status:

    Acquired by Disney, 2008

FanLib, which was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2008, is the leader in defining the consumer Internet market for "People Powered Entertainment™".

Partnering with major media companies, FanLib utilizes its proprietary “Massively Social Storytelling™” technology to unleash the creative power of entertainment fans online. In synch with the Participation Age, FanLib’s community-driven online experiences produce consumer-generated media that is ready for the marketplace. The result: More value for marketers, more manageability for producers and, most importantly, more fun for fans. Conceived by veteran film writer/director Craig Singer and developed by online entertainment pioneer David B. Williams, the patent-pending “Massively Social Storytelling™” platform empowers mass audiences to create quality stories and scripts collectively and democratically. The FanLib experience can currently be seen at www.take180.com, a Disney property.

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