Nexidia, acquired by NICE in 2016, is the leading provider of a phonetic-based, highly scalable, accurate rich media AV search software.

Its patented technologies and breakthrough applications enable customers to quickly gain new insight, build competitive advantage and realize the amazing possibilities now discoverable in audio and video content from call centers, media outlets, government intelligence, and legal discovery. Nexidia’s technology leverages a proprietary phonetic-based approach, currently supporting over thirty languages, and is the only product that allows the user to search on proper names, places, industry terms and jargon without extensive training and cumbersome dictionaries. The process is adaptable to a range of audio analyses, excels across the full spectrum of audio quality, and supports language ID and music & silence detection. Nexidia’s customers and partners include world-class companies who value the market advantage gained by leveraging audio and video search capabilities.

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